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How to help your parents with estate planning without undue influence

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Estate Planning

Your parents may need your help with estate planning. Perhaps you can help them understand the value of having an estate plan or find specialists. But you should be careful that your help is not viewed as exerting undue influence over them. 

Here is how to help your parents with estate planning without undue influence:

Include your siblings 

If you have siblings, they should be present when discussing estate planning with your parents. With everyone present, you can have open conversations. You should inform your siblings about meetings earlier so they can attend, especially if they live far away. 

Including your siblings can also benefit your parents, as they can share their wishes with everyone. It can be challenging for one child to pass a crucial message to others.

Find out the steps your parents have taken 

Your parents may have started estate planning. Thus, before offering help, learn what they have done and the areas they need assistance in. You should not seem like you are persuading them to make certain moves – ask what they want and provide help along those lines.

Have the conversation now  

Last-minute changes in a will usually raise eyebrows. Timing is crucial when discussing estate planning with your parents. You should consider having the conversation now. 

Be clear about the reason for the discussion

You should clearly state why you want to discuss estate planning with your parents. Do you want to help them find guidance? Would you like to know if you have a crucial role in the estate plan and want to start preparing?

This allows your siblings and parents to know your intentions for initiating the conversation.

Discussing estate planning with your parents is advantageous. You should consider legal guidance to help your parents obtain accurate information.