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Road construction work makes Beaumont drivers feel unsafe

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Personal Injury

People in Texas generally need to use the interstate to get back and forth. This is true whether they are commuting to work, going to school, taking a leisure trip or just passing through the Lone Star State. A critical part of trying to keep people safe is maintenance and repairs.

With that, there may seem to be a constant string of construction projects on state roadways. This is necessary but can place people at risk. Drivers, passengers and roadside workers frequently lament the potential for auto accidents.

Recently, a series of collisions with injuries and death on Interstate 10 between Winnie and Beaumont has garnered attention. People using the road and roadside workers could be in danger because of it.

Road labeled a “death trap” due to ongoing construction

Accidents and near-misses are accumulating on I-10 and drivers are expressing fear over it. One involved nine vehicles. One person died in the series of collisions. This has become a growing problem in the area. The Texas Department of Transportation says that in 2022, Beaumont had over 1,100 work zone auto accidents and 10 people lost their lives.

The agency wants to emphasize to drivers how important it is to remain vigilant when driving—especially in work zones. The project in the area is not going away anytime soon with it tentatively scheduled to continue until at least 2025. The entire interstate is being reconstructed leading to the extended amount of time it is taking.

This is happening just as National Work Zone Awareness Week is wrapping up. The campaign is meant to highlight the potential for accidents that can impact road crews. Statistically, there were 205 deaths in work zone crashes in 2022. Distraction, speeding and simply not being aware are viewed as causes for these accidents. While there has been improvement, the complaints about I-10 show that there is still a lot of work to do to make these areas safer.

After work zone auto accidents, seeking advice can be critical for the future

Whether it is a person in an automobile or a worker who is stationed in a work zone, these accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and death. With that comes massive medical costs, long-term personal and emotional challenges and questions about the future.

The accident itself needs to be fully investigated to determine its cause so all of the options can be considered. From the beginning, it is wise to know how to proceed after an auto accident. Contacting experienced people who understand these cases can be helpful.