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What is covered under elder law in Texas?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Elder Law

As you or a loved one ages, there are some provisions in the law and some unique laws that exist to protect older people. Elder Law is interesting as a legal practice area because it is draws on multiple parts of the law. Those parts are family law, estate planning, consumer protection and healthcare law.

Elder law can often seem daunting or complicated. That is true on a federal level as well as on a state level. To make elder law simpler to understand, Texas has made some resources that will help people to understand their rights and nuances of the law.

The aging Texas population is significant

According to state reports, the elderly population in Texas is approximately 13%, or 3.7 million people, who are at least 65 years old. The state anticipates that the number will increase over time. In fact, by the year 2050, 17% of the Texas population are expected to be over age 65.

With that type of population growth, it safe to assume that certain services, such as various types of health and human services (HHS), home care, health care, long-term care, and personal care, will also increase. The Texas department of health and human services already offers many services for older people so that their well-being, dignity and decisions are protected.

What does HHS offer?

There are many different services that are available to older people in Texas, such as the following:

  • Opportunities to live independently in their homes
  • Information on state and federal benefits and rights
  • Tools for caregivers to effectively care for the elderly
  • Access to meals at home or in a group setting
  • Information on assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and daytime programs
  • Advocates for the elderly in nursing homes or assisted-living facilities
  • Guidance on the most appropriate long-term facilities

Sage advice from an experienced Texas estate planning attorney

If you are an older citizen and are facing unique challenges because of your age, the sage advice of an experienced estate planning attorney may help your case a great deal. The attorney can help you to navigate the process and will hopefully positively affect the outcome of your case so that you can live a content and fulfilling life.